North Myrtle Beach Park and Sports Complex

The city of North Myrtle Beach is home to as many as twelve city parks. While they are all are very nice areas that provide different amenities to those who visit, the one park that really has hit a home run is the North Myrtle Beach Park and Sports Complex. This beautiful area is carved out of tall South Carolina pines and encompasses more than 160 acres including three miles of walking trails, nature trails, gravel and paved bike and run paths. There are large meadows, perfectly manicured for sitting or hosting any sporting event.  It boasts a 25-acre freshwater lake close enough to the ocean that on a windy day you can smell the salt air. This complex has played host to athletes of all ages and levels of ability. It entertains children and adults alike and lights up the night for miles during the holidays.

Included at the park:                                    

10 acre – Meadow                                        

6 baseball/softball fields                                            

8 batting cages                                              

8 soccer/lacrosse fields                


3 miles of walking trails

2 Waggin’ Tails Dog Parks

6 picnic shelters

3 playgrounds

Nature Preserve

Administrative Building