North Myrtle Beach Music On Main

Laidback life in North Myrtle Beach means starting your weekend on Thursday. The Music on Main Concert Series turns Main Street into the main place for live music. Locals and visitors alike come to the Horseshoe, find their spot, and dance the night away. The concerts begin in June and will rock the block every Thursday evening through September. 

When the Party Starts!

Relaxed and chill vibes take over the heart of North Myrtle Beach on Thursday evenings. Starting around 4 pm, Ocean Boulevard to Melt Ice Cream is blocked off as beach traffic is replaced with a growing buzz of people gathering. Get there early to find your place to lay out your beach chair! 

Music on Main will be one of the highlights of your trip to NMB. It’s always free and the shows start at 7 pm. While the road may be closed the shops are open, so once you’ve got a spot to watch the show, wander around and grab some refreshments at the restaurants. While you dine, you may hear the bass player hit a couple of notes while warming up or a cymbal ring out while the drum set is put in place, reminding you that the start of a fun evening is just minutes away.

Where Else to Explore?

There are plenty of places to explore while waiting for the music to start. Wine Therapy or the Main Street Taphouse are a great places to grab a pre-show drink and soak in some local flavor. If you’re looking for some dessert before dinner you can stop by Whit's Frozen Custard, Melt, or Butter & Whisk for a sweet treat. After all, who doesn’t want dessert first?

For some of the most authentic seafood around, grab a bite at Dirty Don’s Oyster Bar & Grill. From fried shrimp to oysters, or from seafood tacos to flounder, you're sure to satisfy your seafood cravings on Main Street. Dine like a true local at Hoskins Restaurant. Hoskins has been serving up seafood and more since 1948 and is a great way to connect with NMB’s local culinary culture and history.

What Are You Waiting For?

Once you have a beverage, a treat, and mouthwatering food, get ready to tap your toes, nod your head, or even get up and dance. The bands are as diverse as NMB itself. One Thursday you could be jamming out to classic rock, the next week a chilled-out beach band may be on center stage. One week a cool country act will inspire you to get up and two-step and the next week an old school big band will blare out the American Songbook. 

Music on Main is a great way to experience NMB and is one of our favorite summer events. These are the types of shows you’ll post videos right away and relive the memories for years to come. There’s lots going on other nights of the week, so make sure you check out our full calendar of events