Vineyards & Wineries in North Myrtle Beach

Raise your spirit by raising a glass. When it comes to unique wines and storied spirits, North Myrtle Beach (NMB) has plenty of must-tastes. Here you can gaze over serene vineyards while live music accompanies your personalized tasting or swing in a hammock as you relax with a craft beer. But these aren’t just products to be bought and drank, they are experiences to be had and stories to be shared. One winery uses vines brought over from France in the 19th century while a distillery has an Al Capone connection.

For these vintners, brewers, and distillers, their work is a point of personal pride and they can’t wait for you to come taste and see for yourself. Cheers!

Vin, Vino, Wine

Cotton candy isn’t just a treat you get at the fair, it’s one of the unique wines you can try and buy at Duplin Winery. They create dozens of flavorful, creatively named wines, and choosing which ones to take home is only part of your experience with Duplin. They bring in live local music to add a little ambiance to your visit. The vintners of Duplin take pairings to the next level, including how to pair the perfect fudge with just the right wine.

La Belle Amie Vineyard has more than a century of family history that stretches back to the ancestral heart of wine country itself: France. The vineyard still uses some vines that were brought across the Atlantic more than 130 years ago. Now they host Wine Wednesdays and a fun summer concert series on Saturdays. You can go online and make reservations to taste their Twisted Sisters wines for yourself.

Moonshine, Gin, and More 

Rebecca and Kevin Osborn decided that when life gives you lemons, make interesting and unique spirits. They founded Twelve 33 Distillery after long careers ended. Kevin turned his home brewing and wine-making hobbies into a profession when they settled here. Their spacious tasting room is open and serves up their handcrafted creations including Carolina Peach Vodka, Jo-Jo Gin, and Arethusa Rum named after a ship that bravely dodged prohibition-era blockades.

In town, you’ll also be sure to find distilleries whose legacies run through mountains, prohibition, and prison. After all, local legend Henry Holbrook spent 17 years behind bars for bootlegging. During this time he made friends with fellow inmate and legendary gangster, Al Capone.