The school year may be winding down, but the learning can continue on in North Myrtle Beach! From mini-golf math lessons to ecosystems at work, there's no shortage of educational opportunities along our 9 miles of wide open beaches.  Summer school has never been so fun!

Surrounded by nature with an abundance of waterways, our area is basically one big science lesson waiting to happen. The history, art, and culture of the region make for endless learning opportunities. And North Myrtle Beach’s long list of local attractions make the options for educational fun stretch as far as the eye can see. No matter where you choose to stay, you’re just steps away from an opportunity to have some fun and keep the kids learning at the same time. 

Before you hit the road, check out our Healthy Traveling page to learn about how to explore North Myrtle Beach while staying safe. And while they are no longer required by City ordinance, we recommend you still pack your secure face-coverings. 


Summer days are made to be spent on the beach in NMB! Brimming with beauty and unique inhabitants, the Atlantic Ocean is arguably our main attraction. 

Make plans to have a fun beach day science experiment! With more than nine miles of wide coastline, North Myrtle Beach has unique beach neighborhoods fit for every family. You could use ocean water to talk about volume, buoyancy, and solutions. Set up a boat-building challenge to discuss engineering and physics. Or even use the sea breeze to talk about currents, weather patterns, and the constant ebb and flow of the tide. The beach is a one-stop-shop for all things science! 

It’s also the perfect place to host an outdoor PE class! Getting out in the water is a fantastic form of exercise. With the long list of places to rent watersports equipment, you could have a different PE activity every day of your trip.  

Lastly, keep it simple and watch for bottlenose dolphins at the Cherry Grove Pier! This North Myrtle Beach landmark is also a great place to drop a line to fish, have lunch, take a family photo, or just discuss the things your family learned that day. 


The great outdoors is the star of the show in North Myrtle Beach! Spend some time taking in natural beauty of the Grand Strand with some hands-on learning. Your family can get up-close and personal with the animals, plants, and landscape that make our region so beautiful.  

Before you come, talk about the ecosystem and the animals that live off of our coast. The Atlantic Ocean, Intracoastal Waterway, and various creeks and rivers can all be found in and around North Myrtle Beach. They are home to a wide array for fish, amphibians, mammals, and more. For example—the coastal plains of South Carolina are home to seven different kinds of aquatic salamanders alone! We bet your little ones would love looking out for the colorful creatures while walking along one of the boardwalks at the Heritage Shores Nature Preserve

While you're taking in the sites at Heritage Shores, be sure to check out our Math Trail! From symmetry to circumference, and graphs to geometry, the learning possibilities are vast as the ecosystems that thrive in our area. 

The educational opportunities are unlimited when exploring the outdoors. Besides Heritage Shores, explore the marsh at the Russell Burgess Coastal Preserve. Pack a lunch and recap your day under a gazebo at the Cherry Grove Oceanfront Park. This park has a large lawn, swings, benches, and a wind turbine! The turbine is yet another opportunity for a lesson in science, nature, and energy.  



With lots of vibrant mini golf courses, North Myrtle Beach is one of the biggest little golf destinations on the east coast! While this fun activity is a family favorite, it can also be a math lesson your kids won’t even notice they’re having. After your round of mini golf, score a hole-in-one with a geometry lesson, friendly competition, and inside activity: have your family design their own course!   

For a math, management, critical thinking, and teambuilding activity, have your kids plan a day out by sticking to a budget you set for them. You can even divide your family into groups and make it a fun team challenge. Set a budget and show your family the long list of options for outings and activities around North Myrtle Beach. Perhaps they want to wakeboard or bounce on inflatables at Shark Wake Park. Or they want to spend the day playing the arcade and rope course at LuLu’s. Maybe they want to save up and have dinner and a show at Medieval Times. Either way, having the kids design the day is creative way to round out your itinerary and have them practice their math skills at the same time!  

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