North Myrtle Beach Marshes

Still water, tall grass, and the animal kingdom’s most intriguing characters watching as you go by. The salt marshes of North Myrtle Beach get you up close with some of nature’s most fascinating features and creatures.

A Different World

Though within NMB, our marshes are a world away from the hustle and bustle of the beach. Here, you don’t observe nature, you immerse yourself in nature. There are plenty of ways to experience the marshes, and no matter which you choose, you’ll return with stories you’ll be sharing with friends for years to come.

Waites Island is more than a thousand acres of undeveloped paradise. The barrier island is home to sea turtles, dolphins, ducks, bald eagles, osprey, and more. Taking a guided kayak tour is a great way to explore. The guides are knowledgeable, fun, and, if you’re lucky, they may even snag a frog or a snake with their bare hands to give your group a real hands-on experience.

Plenty of Fun to Be Had

Kayaks are great for kids as young as 12, and some companies have tandem kayaks so parents can help young adventurers. Paddlers with a sharp eye may see jellyfish swim by or a bald eagle take flight as it leaves its nest!

Trailblaze Adventure takes you deep into the ecosystem of NMB. Their Cherry Grove Salt Marsh Tour takes you into the habitat of amazing creatures including herons, great egrets, and bottlenose dolphins.

You’ll paddle for about two and a half hours through the waters making up the marsh. And if you see a creek you want to explore, tell your guide and they just may be able to make that happen. They travel these waterways every day so they’ll be able to tell you what’s up the creek and guide you on an impromptu adventure.

Explore the rivers and marshes your way with Great Escapes Kayak Expeditions. Serenity is key as you paddleboard or kayak along with one of their expert tours. They offer a three-hour tour along Waites Island, with a chance to get out and explore the shore. You’ll find the perfect shell to take back home and enjoy some sunbathing on a beach you can only reach by boat. Or you can go deep into the wild swamps on a trip up the moss-lined Waccamaw River. Part of a National Wildlife Refuge, you may see ducks, egrets, maybe even a colorful roaming peacock. For something a little shorter, they also offer a two-hour tour through the Cherry Grove marsh.

Local Tastes

Big comfy couches inside, a bar with cool decor outside, and a great view of the marshes, Joe’s Bar & Grill offers a great way to take in the peaceful atmosphere of the marshes. A staple of NMB for more than thirty years, locals will tell you if you’re looking for some of the best seafood around, then Joe’s is where to go. You’ll find seafood favorites with a local spin, including their bacon-wrapped scallops, shrimp & grits, and tenderloin medallions with crab, shrimp, and scallops all accented with a béarnaise sauce.