Your Next Adventure Awaits at Alligator Adventure

You don’t have to travel too far to experience a safari. Right in the backyard of North Myrtle Beach, you can find heaven for reptile lovers and zoo-goers at Alligator Adventure.

Adventure At Your Own Pace 

Be transported into what seems like another world when you walk into the 15-acre park. Here you can find feathered friends including, Chilean flamingos, cassowaries, Eurasian eagle owls, and macaws. Or peer into the pools and come face to face with alligators, all of different species and ages. 

The park is one of the largest facilities for reptile life in the world, but don’t worry, they don’t bite! The park is self-guided and wheelchair accessible, meaning you can enjoy each exhibit at your own pace or revisit your favorite scaly friends more than once. 

On your own adventure, you can get to know some of the park’s fan favorite inhabitants, such as Bob. Bob is a female American alligator born in Alligator Adventure in 1997 without a tail. Or meet Utan, the king of Crocs. Utan is considered one of the largest crocodile exhibits in the United States. He is a hybrid breed of salt water and Siamese crocodile and was born in 1964 in Thailand. Now, he resides in a 5000 square-foot exhibit with a luxury pool of 30,000 gallons of fresh water. But don’t get too close, it’s estimated his bite force has a pressure that is more than two tons!

Live Shows 

Although there are no guided tours, you can always learn more about these show-stopping reptiles in Alligator Adventure’s live shows! For the late spring and all of summer, grab a bite with alligators by watching Alligator Live Feedings. There, as you watch alligators leap 15ft in the air for their food, you can ask the Croc Doc, Dr. Sam Seashole, any question about alligators you have. In addition, you can take Instagram-worthy photos and have the opportunity to touch a real life alligator.

See You Later, Alligator 

Year round, you can slither into the park and get close and personal with some of the most misunderstood reptiles: snakes. In their live Snake Handling show, learn from professional staff about the different types of snakes, how to tell the difference between them, and maybe even wear a live snake! 

Don’t forget about the furry friends at Alligator Adventure. Have a laugh with the hyenas or climb up to the mountain lions. One of the newest exhibits at Alligator Adventure, these mountain lions can jump 15 feet high and 40 feet in distance and can live in elevations of up to 10,000 feet!

Admissions to Alligator Adventure can be purchased at the door and prices are listed on their website. Military discounts are available.