North Myrtle Beach Water Sports & Boating

From riding a wave to cruising the coast on a jet ski to sailing hundreds of feet in the air, there are endless ways to experience and enjoy the waters around North Myrtle Beach. Whether outfitting you with the right equipment to advice on where to go, plenty of local businesses specialize in helping you get the most out of our beautiful waters.

Flight of Fancy

Parasailing takes you high above the Atlantic Ocean, and is thrilling and relaxing at the same time to help you get the best view of the beach. 

Your adventure with New Wave Watersports begins with a banana boat ride out to the parasail. And you never know what you’ll see during the flight! Atlantic Watersports says there’s a good chance you’ll get a bird's eye view of dolphins or sea turtles.

To make sure your memories never fade, Aloha Watersports offers a photography package so you can enjoy the ride while not worrying about your phone. All of them will “dip” you in the water midtrip. It’s not required, but people say it’s the best part!

Paddle, Jetski, or Sit in the Splash Zone

Paddleboard and kayak trips are a great way to see the coasts from eye level. You can explore on your own, with a group of friends, or let an expert lead the way. Cherry Grove Pier is a great place to start. The water is great for rowing out and going with the flow or, in this case, the tide!

With the wind in your hair and water splashing on your face, the adrenaline starts flowing the moment you even think about renting a jet ski. Action Water Sportz rents jet skis for solo exploration or will lead you on an amazing dolphin-watching tour. You can also rent a pontoon boat for full or half-day cruises and their relaxing sunset cruise. With up to 230 horsepower, East Coast Jet Ski Adventures will get you going fast. They cater to everyone from first-timers to experienced pros, where all that horsepower comes in handy.

Splash around with the dolphins on one of Myrtle Beach Watersports’ dolphin excursions. Both the Sea Thunder and the Sea Screamer will take you on a cruise to find our friendly sea-dwellers and take in the beautiful coastline views. But be careful because this can be a wet ride, so remember to dress accordingly and maybe bring a towel or two.

Cruise Along

Pull up the anchor and push off from the dock with an experienced captain at the helm. Calabash Fishing Fleet has everything from smaller fishing charters to a mega party boat, while Captain Smiley Fishing Charters explores the inlets and tidal waterways around NMB. Little River Fishing Fleet offers everything from half-day fishing excursions to private charters.

Let the good times roll on the Barefoot Queen Riverboat! The Barefoot Queen is North Myrtle Beach’s premier boat venue for scenic, sunset and dinner cruises and are perfect for sightseeing, parties, corporate events, or simple dining & dancing the night away.

Worth the Waites

The hidden gem around NMB is Waites Island. An undeveloped barrier island, you can reach the shores by boat or personal watercraft. Groups like Great Escapes Kayak Expeditions rent equipment that offers you a unique perspective as you head out to the island. Both companies also take you on guided adventures out to the island and include time to explore.

Surf’s Up

If you want to hang ten and catch a wave, we have some surf that’s perfect for about any skill level. Swimming out and waiting for the waters of the Atlantic to create the perfect crest to ride into shore is an exhilarating experience. Places like Atlantic Watersports will rent you a board if you didn’t bring your own.

Cherry Grove is a great place to ride the waves. It’s not super crowded so surfers and wakeboarders can space out. And, the best part,  Cherry Grove doesn’t have limited hours.