North Myrtle Beach Chamber   Foundation Community Grants

The NMB Chamber Foundation will be accepting applications for Community Grants this fall; watch here for the announcement and application schedule The NMB Chamber Foundation has hosted two fundraisers last fall to support the community grant objectives with a particular emphasis on program areas that have a positive impact on the community’s quality of life, civic, cultural, economic, educational development, and youth related initiatives. For any further inquiries, contact Cheryl Y. Kilday, CDME at

Here is a link to the application; you may complete it and it will be kept on file for consideration during the next grants process.

If you are a member of Destination North Myrtle Beach and are interested in supporting the North Myrtle Beach Chamber Foundation by making a charitable donation, please contact Cheryl Kilday. 

Cheryl Y. Kilday, CDME

President & CEO