North Myrtle Beach Golf Courses

Along a historic stretch of the Eastern Seaboard is a golfing paradise that brings together subtropical weather and extraordinary amenities. North Myrtle Beach is a tranquil destination for golfers who want to bask in the natural beauty of the marshes and waterways that form this unique American coast of courses and resorts. Visitors can enjoy both the best in Southern hospitality and the most superior course design in the Southeastern United States. No sacrifice is necessary. North Myrtle Beach is the place for every player to live in luxury and connect with the roots of American golf.

A Grand Strand of Golf

Long recognized as the home of American golf in the South, North Myrtle Beach has built its sizable reputation by encouraging local developers to include courses as part of their planning. The results are stunning. The Surf Golf and Beach Club incorporates everything that makes North Myrtle Beach unique: a seaside layout that brings both water and sand into play on most holes, and an overall design that takes into account the course’s proximity to the Atlantic Seaboard and its shifting wind. Established in 1959 and featuring a 1992 renovation, the Surf Golf, and Beach Club is one of the oldest and most historic routings in the American Southeast.

The Surf Golf and Beach Club isn’t, however, the only course with a claim to fame in North Myrtle Beach. The Azalea Sands Golf Club, in the center of the city, is a classic in its own right. With a deceptively open layout that encourages aggressive play but rewards the knowledgeable and conservative golfer, Azalea Sands is a course that encourages players to keep coming back to master its intricacies.

Centrally located and continuously operated since 1968, Beachwood Golf Club is an everyday play course that adds to North Myrtle Beach’s status as a must-visit golf destination. An overall championship facility, Beachwood features all-grass chipping and putting areas and a lighted driving/practice facility, making it the perfect location for players to groove their swing before or after a round at the course’s Gene Hamm-designed layout.

North Myrtle Beach abounds in facilities for easy-play rounds, including Crown Park Golf Club and Eagle Nest Golf Club. Both combine the peacefulness of rural surroundings with well-groomed attention to grounds. Adjacent to Carolina pine forests and wildlife preserves, these courses combine North Myrtle Beach’s commitment to conservation with an enjoyable experience that allows all ages and skillsets to appreciate the natural surroundings that make the Carolinas an exceptional American experience.

The History of the Game

Across its many properties, the Barefoot Resort courses present the entire arc of American golf history. The Norman Course, with its green complexes that encourage aggressive play off the tee and bunker lies or bump-and-runs to earn birdies, is in keeping with modern adaptations to traditional golf; while the Dye Course’s stunning designs, native grasses, and infamous sand traps present challenges any modern golfer can appreciate.

The Fazio Course and Love Course are more generous, in terms of both their landing areas and their incorporation of low country native grasses, local landscaping, and architecture—including the recreated ruins of a Southern plantation on the Love Course. Don’t take your eyes off the fairway, though. Both Fazio and Love have crafted their courses to challenge high-caliber golfers and offer enjoyment for the casual golfer from the shorter tees.

No matter which Barefoot Resort course sounds appealing, you can choose to pair your play with a stay at a villa that puts you just minutes from the courses as well as everything else North Myrtle Beach has to offer.