Leads Program

Group Leads Program 

An added service provided for investors/partners, Group Leads fulfill association, corporate, religious, fraternal, family reunions, military and wedding-related inquiries from the CVB’s geographic region. Investors/partners who participate, with an annual fee, receive detailed leads regarding group travel and destination weddings, which are generated through various marketing efforts.

Fulfillment Leads Program

An inexpensive and effective program, this is a great way for investors/partners to get in direct contact with those who are considering North Myrtle Beach for their future vacation plans. Leads programs include: Vacation Inquires, Group Travel Inquires (including weddings, conventions, reunions, etc), Golf Inquires, Travel Agent Inquires, Real Estate/Relocation Inquires, Past Leads, and a Direct Mail Program.

For more information, contact:

Erin Graham

Marketing Director