Marketing Outlook Summit

Thank you for joining Destination North Myrle Beach for our 2022 Marketing Outlook Summit. Speaker slide decks can be found in the links below. 

Speakers Bios and Presentations

Chris Adams Headshot

Chris Adams - Miles Partnership

Chris Adams has worldwide experience in tourism, new technology and new media. Chris is Head of Research and Insights at Miles Partnership, a marketing agency focused 100% on travel and tourism with 150+ state, city, and national tourism clients in North America, Asia/Pacific and Middle East. Chris has also served as CEO of a New Zealand Convention and Visitor Bureau.

Navigating the Future - 5 Major Challenges & Opportunities for Tourism North Myrtle Beach

Tourism in North Myrtle Beach faces a world that is changed, challenging and complex. In this information-packed session, Miles will distill critical lessons and takeaways for both short- and longer-term success.  Based on latest research and with case study examples from around the world, we summarize immediate and practical marketing steps every business should be taking right now. Plus, we highlight some of the biggest trends and changes that are reshaping travel and tourism – and what each means for your organization. Be sure to attend this session for a clear roadmap on how you should rethink and respond in your plans for 2022 and beyond.


Destination NMB Marketing Update

Join Lauryn Peterson of Miles Partnership and Erin Graham of Destination North Myrtle Beach for a review of where we've been, where we are going, and all the details in between.

View creative ads, media placements, current projects, and future plans!

Kim Palmer Headshot

Kim Palmer, Miles Partnership

Kim manages the Destination Optimization Program team at Miles and has helped guide the development and industry awareness for this program since its launch in 2017. These efforts have helped empower Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs) and travel industry businesses to update and enrich content through Google and other major travel planning platforms to improve the discoverability of their communities. Previously she has been the company’s Director of SEO, the Director of Digital Marketing for the Hospitality division and launched some of the industry’s first destination marketing websites in the late 90’s. Outside of the office, she shares her love of travel and exploration with her family, subjecting them to long hikes for the sake of epic views or hidden waterfalls.

Destination Optimization – Supporting North Myrtle Beach Across the Major Travel-Planning Platforms

Travelers are researching North Myrtle Beach across numerous travel discovery and planning platforms (Google, Yelp, TripAdvisor etc.) and what they find will with either inspire the confidence that leads to conversion or inadvertently turn people away. Learn more about how Destination North Myrtle Beach and Miles Partnership have worked together on a Destination Optimization program that looks beyond paid, earned and owned media to inspire visitors and drive visitation. We’ll also look at five essential – and completely free - things you should do to enhance how your business appears across these critical platforms.

Following the presentation, join us as we recognize and congratulate the first graduating class of the Digital Marketing Acceleration Program.

Carrie Grace

Carrie Grace - Motivational Speaker

Carrie Grace is a former teacher turned motivational speaker. She is on a mission to create more compassionate work and school cultures. She currently travels the country to inspire and encourage others to live their best lives and spread more kindness. She also helps people take more risks to get from where they are to the life they truly want. She has spoken at companies such as Marriott, Target, Jack Daniels, and many more.

The Magic of Kindness: How to extend empathy, compassion, and a whole lot of kindness even when you aren't given it in return! This presentation will cover how to keep your cool in tough situations, offer empathy even when you don't receive it back, and how to be kind even when it's the last thing you want to do!

Adaptive Surf Project

Adaptive Travel Panel

An insightful and inspiring conversation with Luke Sharp of the Adaptive Surf Project, Becky Large of the Champion Autism Network, Melinda Chappell of the City of North Myrtle Beach Parks & Recreation and Joanne Wolk of Star Academy. 

We strive to make North Myrtle Beach a better place to live, work and play - and that should ring true for residents and visitors of all abilities. Learn how to make your business more accessible and leverage your marketing to be inclusive to all. 

Becky Large is mom to a son with high functioning autism (HFA), creator and Executive Director of Champion Autism Network and an advocate for people living with autism.  Her vision is to create a world where all people living with autism CAN live, work, and play without judgment, guilt, or worry.

Luke Sharp of The Adaptive Surf Project helps individuals who happen to have a disability surf by designing and giving away adaptive surfboards, and taking individuals who happen to have a disability surfing.

Melinda Chappell works for the City of North Myrtle Beach in the Parks & Recreation Department, as the North Myrtle Beach Aquatic & Fitness Center, Director. The NMB Aquatic & Fitness Center is an inclusive facility that serves all ages and abilities. Melinda has served on several Boards, regionally and nationally that provided sports and recreational opportunities for persons with disabilities.

Joanne Wolk of STAR Academy is a 29-year educator with the New York City school system and now a proud resident and business owner in North Myrtle Beach.  Joanne is a former teacher, Assistant Principal and district administrator for guidance, counseling, mental health, youth development and special education for over 168 schools. Her area of focus is kids with special needs,  social-emotional and crisis support, and suicide prevention.