North Myrtle Beach Fishing

Gone fishing. Just saying those two words frees your mind and body to slip into vacation mode and start relaxing. From deep-sea fishing to navigating the inland marshes, in North Myrtle Beach the choices for reeling in your personal catch of the day are as wide as the Atlantic Ocean itself.

Pro Tip: Check out our tide chart before setting off on your fishing adventure and make the most out of your time on the water!

Pier Fishing

Hitting up our historic and scenic piers is a fun and simple way to go fishing in North Myrtle Beach. Cherry Grove Pier jets out over the water and is the home of world record-setting catches, including a 1,780-pound tiger shark and a 98-pound tarpon. A full bait and tackle shop is stocked with any supplies you need and staffed with an experienced crew to get you the right gear. Schools of king mackerel, sheepshead, and summer flounder are among the fish you’re likely to reel in.

Apache Pier is the longest wooden pier on the East Coast, with trophy case worthy fish swimming right below. A full bait and tackle shop is on-site, and they offer multiday fishing passes. Once you catch the big one, a photographer is ready to take your picture. Stay for nightly live entertainment and brag about your catch—or the one that got away!

Deep-Sea Fishing

Deep-sea fishing in North Myrtle offers all kinds of possibilities. Bluefin are especially abundant in the spring, while other species thrive through summer into fall. The best times of day for deep-sea fishing are early mornings or late afternoons when fish aren’t as vulnerable to other predators.

You can always head for the open waters and angle for a big catch with a charter fishing excursion. Companies like Hurricane Fleet, Calabash Fishing Fleet, and Voyager Deep Sea Fishing take intrepid tourists out daily in season. Their crews know where to go for the best bites and help you reel in the fish that will be the highlight of your social media.

Shark Fishing

If you’re looking for an impressive catch, find a charter specializing in shark fishing expeditions like Little River Fishing Fleet. Areas up and down the Grand Strand are good for reeling sharks, especially in the summer and early fall when the waters are warm. Sharks are tough to catch, so feel free to ask the captains ahead of time for advice on what types of gear are best for this trip.

Inshore Fishing

Along the Intracoastal Waterway offers a different, but just as exciting fishing experience as the open waters of the Atlantic. Inshore fishing is popular year-round with usually calmer waters. Charter companies like Wickedly Awesome Adventures offer an unparalleled blend of excitement and serenity, making inshore fishing a must-try for both novice anglers and seasoned fishing enthusiasts. Wickedly Awesome Adventures offers more than just inshore fishing. Dive into their tours like dolphin sighting cruises, sunset cruises, as well as reef &bottom fishing and chartered deep-sea fishing excursions .

Surf Fishing

Having your toes in the sand while reeling in your catch is the best of both worlds, and there are excellent beaches around North Myrtle Beach to go surf fishing. Fish have nocturnal feeding habits, so the best time to catch something right off the shore is from before dawn until mid-morning or about two hours before sunset.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fishing in North Myrtle Beach