Waves crashing along the shore, wildlife nesting throughout the inland waterways, and seafood cooked using recipes passed down through generations ... the best parts of North Myrtle Beach (NMB) never change. But other things do and this page is the place to keep up with all the latest developments in our coastal paradise.

Take Care of Our Community

NMB works hard to preserve our greatest attraction: the natural beauty all around us. On our Responsible Travel page, you’ll get tips on how to enjoy your vacation while helping us preserve the environment. Learn how the thick dunes along the coast help fight the effects of tropical storms and why turning off the lights in the summer helps turtle hatchlings.

The Grand Strand is made great by the people who live and work here and the visitors who come to relax while feeling right at home. Live like a local by taking the Greater Grand Strand Promise - a chance to be part of a community you’ll return to time after time.

Be Prepared

From storms moving across the Atlantic Ocean to public health crises, unexpected problems can appear out of nowhere. Whether you’re ready to travel or already here, stay up to date with the latest developments through the Emergency Declarations page.

Be here even when you’re not here. The customizable E-Newsletter lets you choose which attractions interest you and your family. See which events catch your eye and be among the first to hear what's happening in North Myrtle Beach.

Plan Ahead

You can get a look ahead to the year if you Order a Visitors Guide. The annual publication has a Top 10 List of Things To Do, travel essentials, and an updated list of accommodations.

See NMB through the eyes of a local. The Visitor Information Center is staffed by locals who know the best fishing, golfing, shopping and restaurants. One stop here and you can be ready to get the most out of your trip. And with plenty of hats, cups, and more you can get all your NMB swag.


A pier known for record-setting fishing to summer concerts in the heart of the city, NMB’s Communities each offer their own unique way to experience the area. One historic area offers a chance for peace and seclusion away from the hustle and bustle, another offers amazing shopping and golfing. Whatever you’re looking for you’ll find it in one of NMB’s seaside communities.

Half the fun of vacation is daydreaming about the experience. Take a break and log on to our WebCam. Watch as people relax by the pool or splash around on the beach. You can practically smell the salty air and you’ll be counting down the days until your next trip to NMB.


Our seaside community is the perfect destination for a family adventure, romantic getaway, or beach trip with friends. Get the inside scoop on special events and great deals sent right to your inbox. Read More

Responsible Travel

Visitors and locals have been enjoying North Myrtle Beach’s coastline since the town was founded in 1968. Millions of memories have been made on our shores, and it is our hope, that with your help, our beach will continue to be enjoyed for generations to come. Read More

Visitor Center

The North Myrtle Beach Visitor Information Center is the official one-stop-shop for the area. Here you can chat with local experts, receive recommendations on things to do, get answers to your questions about the community, and even purchase official North Myrtle Beach merchandise. Read More