North Myrtle Beach Chamber Foundation Programs

NMB Chamber Foundation 2023 Logo

The fundraising activities are the means the NMB Chamber Foundation uses to support local charities and educational activities through a Community Grants Program.  The Foundation has contributed $30,000.00 to local charities and schools since 2020.

Turkey Dinner Drive

Each autumn, the NMB Chamber Foundation and Destination North Myrtle Beach work with North Strand Helping Hands to raise money to ensure that families in need can have a traditional Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. It is estimated that a turkey dinner for a family of 4 will cost about $30; direct...

Turkey Flock

Donate to have a business “Flocked” by turkey yard signs. The flock of turkeys are installed and the individual or business that sponsors the flocking contributes at least $100.00 to the Foundation and the business that gets “flocked” is invited to pass is on and schedule another business to be...

Shop with a Hero

The Shop with a Hero golf tournament proceeds will go towards North Myrtle Beach’s outreach program for children to go Christmas shopping with a hero to purchase presents and necessity items such as winter coats.