Live Entertainment in North Myrtle Beach

Listening to a song through headphones does not begin to compare with the experience of feeling the thumping bass and watching as the lead singer throws her head back, closes her eyes, and holds the last note of the chorus out for an impossibly long time. There’s something a bit magical about watching live entertainment. Maybe it’s the way you can’t help but smile when you notice everyone around you singing and swaying to the music. 

Belting out lyrics, moving to the rhythm of the beat, and sharing a side-splitting laugh is precisely the type of fun you need, and North Myrtle Beach offers several ways to enjoy live concerts and theatre with friends and family.

Live-Variety Fun at Alabama Theatre

The music and thrill of a live variety show captivates all ages at Alabama Theatre’s newest show, ICONIC. Country chartbusters, Classic Rock anthems, Broadway and Pop power music blend with family-friendly comedy and stage theatrics during this multi-million dollar, state-of-the-art production. It’s an energetic performance that you are sure to remember, both on the stage and in the air! Visiting comedians, tribute bands, musicians, and an annual Christmas show round out the busy and popular entertainment calendar at the Alabama Theatre. There’s always something new. 

Make Music and Memories at Greg Rowles Legacy Theatre 

 From country, to crooners, to classic rock, beach music and sing-along favorites, be delighted by the sights and sounds of the Grand Strand's newest attraction, Greg Rowles Legacy Theatre. What sets this show apart? You, the audience, get the opportunity to request songs for each and every show, so no two shows will ever be the same!

Great Fun at the House of Blues

The House of Blues in North Myrtle Beach is known for showcasing only the brightest names and talent in Country, Rock, Blues, and comedy. Whether it’s the intimate sounds of an acoustic guitar, or a dozen bright spotlights following the musicians’ moves as they dance across the stage, House of Blues delivers a good time and great food. 

Dance Like a North Myrtle Beach Local

Did you know the quintessential beach dance, the Shag, was invented here in North Myrtle Beach? If you don’t know how to do this beloved dance, there’s no better place to learn. The folks at Fat Harold’s Beach Club on Main Street offer shag lessons, nightly dancing, contests, and more. Talented DJs, local bands, and dedicated staff have created a loyal Fat Harold’s Beach Club crowd. One visit, and you’ll understand why. 

Rock your Vacation at The Carolina Opry 

The Carolina Opry Theater has created an award-winning show (aptly named “The Carolina Opry”) that features familiar faces and talent from shows like The Voice, American Idol, and America’s Got Talent. Elaborate costumes and stage effects will have everyone in your party talking for days. A second, season-long show is called Time Warp. Promising to “rock your vacation,” Time Warp combines the best of 60s, 70s, and 80s classics with a variety-type format that will have you up on your feet. 

Dine with a Pirate

Maybe time at the beach brought out a bit of pirate swagger? If you’re looking for more of an imaginative escape, take your crew to Pirates Voyage, where Calico Jack and Blackbeard lead a swashbuckling battle over a hidden lagoon while landlubbers cheer them on and feast on a four-course meal.