Love North Myrtle Beach? Embrace Reusables

As efforts are sweeping across the country to stem the swelling tide of ocean and beach pollution, the City of North Myrtle Beach became the 15th community in South Carolina to institute a plastic bag ban. On October1, 2022, the ban on “single-use” plastic bags took effect within the city limits.

A single-use carryout plastic bag is defined in the city’s Code of Ordinances Section 12-111 as “a bag provided by a company or individual to a customer, typically at the point of sale, for the purpose of transporting purchases, which is made predominantly of plastic derived from petroleum or a biologically based source. This definition includes bags provided to a customer to transport items provided free of charge, including but not limited to, samples and informational materials.”

Local businesses are making efforts to transition from providing single-use plastic bags. This will affect the way you may do your shopping in North Myrtle Beach.

What does this mean for you as you shop locally?

  • Businesses may now be offering paper bags
  • Some business may not offer bags
  • Reusable bags may be offered for purchase
  • Some businesses may institute a small fee for providing bags


When the ordinance took effect, it changed the way businesses operate. The real change, however, will happen in the results of eliminating plastics on our beaches and in the ocean and waterways. We appreciate your patience and we thank you for helping us make waves in protecting our beaches and wildlife for generations to come. 

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