Crescent Beach

Crescent Beach

Offering visitors a quieter and more secluded getaway, Crescent Beach, SC is tucked between Ocean Drive and Windy Hill and has central access to the entire North Myrtle Beach treasure trove. In fact, it is only a walk on the beach away from all the entertainment, shopping and dining you need to keep your more active travel companions occupied. Soak in the natural beauty of this quaint seaside town, spend a day exploring its countless mini golf courses, antique shops and family-friendly entertainment nearby, or do all of the above.

This multi-generational destination has something for everyone—especially those beach bums who just can’t get enough of the Carolina sun, sand and surf. If this sounds like your type of getaway, book a stay at Crescent Beach today. 


The Winyah and Waccamaw Indians were among the first inhabitants of the stretch of beach known today as Crescent Beach. The Spanish arrived in the early 1500s and shortly after the pirates come in and used the land for short stops between their travels.

Crescent Beach remained relatively empty until after the Civil War, when a railroad was constructed through the Grand Strand. Crescent Beach was originally known as "Ward Estate," and was independently incoporated in 1953 with James W. Perrin as Mayor. 

In 1968, Crescent Beach joined Cherry Grove, Ocean Drive and Windy Hill to form the city of North Myrtle Beach. Today, the area continues to grow and maintain its reputation for being one of the best beachfront, family vacation destinations in South Carolina.


• Baywatch Resort

• Dino’s House of Pancakes

• East Coast Greenway Bike Path trailhead

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