The wind in your face, the ocean below, and 360 degrees of spectacular views — parasailing in North Myrtle Beach will give you a new perspective. 

Parasailing is a fun kiting adventure where a person is towed behind a boat while attached to a specially designed canopy wing resembling a parachute, aka the parasail. Once you get away from shore, the experienced crew will help to safely clip you into the parasail, and as the speed increases, you will rise high above the Atlantic Ocean. Your adrenaline will also increase as the rope tethering you to the boat gets longer and longer.

After a couple of minutes, you’ll reach ‘cruising altitude’ and enjoy breathtaking views and a peaceful feeling. While the ride will last only a few minutes, the feeling it brings will last the entire trip, and the memories, forever.


Parasailing Away

North Myrtle Beach is home to dozens of outfitters that work with beginners and experienced parasailers alike. New Wave Water Sports and Atlantic Water Sports are experienced and will take you on the ride of your life. Aloha WaterSports has two locations in NMB, but the one at 2208 N. Ocean Blvd. is the one that offers parasailing adventures. If flying high isn’t adventurous enough, many outfitters take you from the shore to the sail on a thrilling banana boat ride!

While prices vary depending on time and location, it’s generally around $65 per person. The best part is parasailing isn’t a solo experience. Two or three people can go up at once and share in the memorable experience.

Depending on where you parasail, you may get a bird’s-eye view of the iconic Cherry Grove Pier and Main Street. And don’t be afraid to look down - the ocean below is brimming with sea life like dolphins, sea turtles and lots of fish! 

First-Timer Tips

  • Check the weather and call ahead. Boat companies won’t take you up if it’s too windy. What might be a light, comfortable breeze on the beach could be much stronger a few hundred feet up over the Atlantic. Regardless of the weather, it’s a good idea to leave hats, loose jewelry, and other items on the boat.  
  • Do the dip! Boat drivers may offer to lower you into the ocean and send you back into the air. The quick splash in the Atlantic adds a fun twist to the middle of your parasail ride.
  • Strap On a Camera. Your phone or GoPro camera can best capture the aerial experience for you to share online and relive back home long after your trip. If you plan on bringing a recording device up with you, we suggest attaching it securely to your person to fully enjoy the ride. 
  • And most, importantly, have fun! Scream with excitement one minute then enjoy the silence and solitude the next as you glide high above the ocean.

Book a parasailing excursion early in your trip to NMB so you’ll have time to book a second (or third!) ride.