Miles of stunning shore, a vast and glistening ocean, and lush wildlife reserves. North Myrtle Beach acts not only as a reprieve, but as an eco-tourism destination that makes ethical and sustainable travel as easy and carefree as a vacation should be. It doesn’t matter if you intend to stay for one month or one day; with countless opportunities to get in touch with the great outdoors, attractions within walkable distance, and eco-friendly activities, North Myrtle Beach is a great example of eco-tourism.

What is Eco-Tourism? 

Eco-tourism, sustainable tourism, or environmentally friendly tourism is all about giving back to your favorite travel destinations by being sensitive and conscious of the natural environment unique to a specific location. You can do your part by making mindful choices from what activities you do to where you stay. Sustainable travel is not only important with the current climate crisis but also completely attainable.

Here’s how to embrace eco-friendly travel on your next beach getaway: 

Plan an Eco-Friendly Beach Day Trip 

There is nothing more relaxing than a day at the beach. Arms full of your own beach chairs and umbrellas, a cooler of waters and snacks trailing behind you, excitement warming you even more than the sun. Enhance your routine by including some eco-friendly elements, such as bringing your own trash bin or bag to collect single-use plastics you may have, or consider bringing reusable cups and straws so they don’t wash away in the tide.  

One of the greatest things about North Myrtle Beach’s beaches is how accessible they are, with over 240 designated beach accesses and boardwalks that let you happily traverse to and from the sand. Using these access points to the beach allows for the dunes, a natural defense for the environment against storms and erosion, to be healthily maintained, so refrain from exploring their thick vegetation. 

When selecting your perfect patch of sand, be mindful of how close the tide is to your belongings, and be on the lookout for sea turtles! North Myrtle Beach is a natural habitat for these majestic creatures, but it is vital that if you stumble upon their nest, keep your distance and refrain from shining light on them. If you spot a nest, help ensure safe travels for the hatchlings by calling the North Myrtle Beach Sea Turtle Patrol at 843-213-9074 and avoiding touching them or feeding their predators nearby, such as foxes, birds, and crabs. At the end of your beach day trip, make sure to pack up all your things and fill in any holes and sandcastle moats. Challenge yourself to find five pieces of litter on your way to your car.

Consider Walkable Homes and Hotels for Longer Stays 

Ever picture yourself waking up to awe-inspiring sunrises over the glistening Atlantic Ocean, watching dolphins race as you sip your first cup of coffee? Not only does it sound like paradise, but choosing a beachfront and/or centrally located hotel, house, or condo is a sustainable method of travel.  

When you choose to stay in a beachfront accommodation, there is more of an opportunity to walk to the beach and local shops, ultimately reducing your carbon footprint while also providing a sense of ease. Never leave the property with all-inclusive stays like the Avista and Prince Resorts. Or seek a private refuge where you have more control over waste and water usage with an oceanfront condo from Condo World or a house from Elliott Realty. Wherever you may rest your head after a long and sustainable day at the beach, make use of your do not disturb sign to reduce the number of daily services like washing towels or vacuuming. This will help reduce the amount of chemical pollution and the amount of water waste in your stay.

Choose Adventures that Bring You Closer to Nature 

Get out and explore all the natural world that North Myrtle Beach has to offer.  

On the water, consider  a kayaking or paddleboarding adventure that tours you through the amazing North Myrtle Beach waterways. Or, if you don’t have your sea legs yet, fish from the shore or the historic Cherry Grove Pier. Not every catch needs to be dinner; however, take them home in the form of a photo and release your catches back to their natural habitat.  

Off the beaten path are gorgeous beaten paths! North Myrtle Beach is home to a vast array of beautiful state parks with trails that are perfect for birdwatching and hiking. Make sure to always plan your hikes and walks ahead of time, pack reusable and reliable gear, leave no trash, and don’t venture off the designated paths, no matter how tempting.

BYOSB: Bring Your Own Shopping Bag 

In addition to the great outdoors, North Myrtle Beach offers a fantastic array of shops intended to fit every need and aesthetic. Paired with live and vibrant local entertainment, shopping hubs like Barefoot Landing, the Shops on Main, and Broadway at the Beach bring shopping to the next level. 

Elevate your shopping experience even further by shopping sustainably. Start simply by bringing your own reusable shopping bag to reduce the amount of plastic and paper waste. Take it a step further by mapping your shopping trip to include sustainable stores such as Sea Bags at Barefoot Landing or Savannah Bee Company at Broadway.

Vacation and Make an Impact at North Myrtle Beach 

Everyone dreams of getting the best of both worlds. Travel to North Myrtle Beach to not only experience pure relaxation in a sunny oasis but also have a positive global impact. Consider these tips for your next trip to ensure you can keep coming year after year!