Make your next binge-watch a bird watch with some of the finest trails in all of North Myrtle Beach. 

While you’re bound to find a feathered friend (or two) no matter the season, the summer months are some of the best times to bird-watch. While the seagull is the Grand Strand’s most common species, many other species of birds visit our lovely beaches to rest and feed on their long journeys. Beach-nesting birds like the brown pelicans, willets, and royal terns find our open, sandy beaches to be ideal nesting areas. In the winter, shorebirds like the dunlin, red knot, and the federally threatened piping plover call the coast home, some returning to the same spot year after year. 

Bird watching is a unique and affordable way to bring you and your family closer together and closer to nature. So, where will your migration take you?

Heritage Shores Nature Preserve

Need a break from the beach? Heritage Shores Nature Preserve is a prime bird-watching spot and provides a peaceful break from the shores and turns your attention to the beautiful marshland.

With seven acres of walking paths, located on the Cherry Grove Marsh, you will never run out of room to explore. Admire the native state of the marsh from boardwalks and observation decks while keeping your eyes peeled for species like the blue heron, great egrets, and osprey that call the preserve home. 

Whether you’re a bird-watching pro or a nature-walking novice, Heritage Shores Nature Preserve makes it easy. With signs that detail surrounding wildlife, you will always know what to look out for.

Russell Burgess Coastal Preserve

Take a walk off the beaten path during your visit. Located only two blocks away from the beach with paved parking, Russell Burgess Coastal Preserve will become your new favorite detour.

Literally become closer to the native wildlife with the Preserve’s foot access to the inlet. If you are more on the cautious side or prefer a respectful distance, enjoy the boardwalk meant to preserve the marshland. Take some time to relax and enjoy the view from the observation deck. While you’re there, you may spot a white ibis, a double-crested cormorant, or even an owl.

Waites Island

Who said birdwatching can’t be adventurous? Waites Island, tucked in the northeast corner of South Carolina, is practically untouched.

There are lots of things to explore on your adventure to birdwatch on Waites Island, including kayak tours, paddleboarding, or horseback riding. Like explorers of yesteryear, the journey is well worth the wait as you may get to see birds in a completely natural habitat you may miss otherwise. These birds include marsh hens, black skimmers, oystercatchers, terns, piping plovers, and bald eagles—just to name a few.

North Myrtle Beach Nature Trail

If you prefer hiking over paddleboarding, the North Myrtle Beach Nature Trail, located at the North Myrtle Beach Park and Sports Complex, may be the ideal bird-watching spot for you.

The North Myrtle Beach Nature Trail is ideal if you desire a quiet moment with you and nature on your bird binge-watch. It is a five-mile loop with options for one-point two-mile trails that are clearly marked in Little River. According to several hiking apps, the trails are easy to walk and you’re not likely to run into another person.

No matter where you decide to venture, be sure to pack a hat, sunblock, and your sense of adventure.