Are you looking to explore outside of North Myrtle Beach? Waites Island is located north of Cherry Grove and south of Sunset Beach. The island is one of the few remaining undeveloped along the Atlantic Coast. The pristine barrier island expands over 1,062 acres. The only way for locals and visitors to get to the island is by boat. The venture from Cherry Grove to Waties is a very short one!


Our recommendation, if you are unfamiliar with the area, is to take a paid tour to the island. It is the best way to learn more about the history and get to explore Waites. The kayak tours can be purchased through J & L Kayaking and Cherry Grove Pier. Typically the tours will last 3-4 hours depending on how long you venture the island.

During the summer months, you can expect to see loggerhead sea turtles and bottlenose dolphins. Other animals along the way include osprey, ducks, marsh hens, oyster, bald eagles, blue herons and more. It is a peaceful ride through the saltwater marsh with beautiful landscaping around. Don’t forget to bring your cell phone or camera to capture all of the amazing moments.

Taking a trip out to Waites Island is a unique way to explore a new area around North Myrtle Beach. It’s a time to escape from the crowded beaches, busy traffic and noise. It’s a breathtaking island to see with friends and family. You won’t regret it!