A world only accessible by kayak and horseback awaits on Waites Island north of Cherry Grove. Close to North Myrtle Beach’s attractions, the over 1,000-acre barrier island situated at the northernmost point of South Carolina is heaven if you’re looking for a secluded getaway for the day.

So saddle up or grab a paddle. With so much to see, do, and experience on and around Waites Island, you’ll want to make a trip to see the destination for yourself.

It’s A Wild Life

A day on Waites Island is an opportunity to learn, explore, and encounter the most majestic creatures that call North Myrtle Beach home. 

Waites Island and its salty marshes are home to everything from blue herons and egrets to ducks and bald eagles. You may see a loggerhead sea turtle pop up from under the ocean waves. Keep your camera handy! While strolling along the shore or kayaking, you may spot a pod of bottlenose dolphins. There’s no telling when you will encounter a high-flying or aquatic animal.

If you opt for a beach stroll, keep an eye out for shells, sand dollars, and more. 

Stop Your Engines

Waites Island is motor-free, making it all about the journey and the destination.

Motorized vehicles aren't allowed on the island, so the only two ways of getting there are via kayak or horseback. 

You can kayak on a tour or solo while exploring the marshland leading up to Waites Island. If you’re going solo, be sure to check the tide schedules to see the best times for kayaking. It typically takes around 30 minutes to reach the island. If a group tour is more your style, one of our many experienced outfitters will help you take all the guesswork out of your adventure.

If you opt for horseback, join Inlet Point Plantation Stables on a tour of the island any time of year. Choose to ride during the day or at sunset. If you want to make your experience more exclusive, book a private tour. 

Rich History 

Beyond its natural splendor, Waites Island is also rich in history. It was once home to the Waccamaw Native American tribe, who left behind artifacts like burial mounds and ceramics discovered over the years. The island was claimed by its namesake, William Waites, and later sold to Horace Tilghman in the 1920s. Today, part of the island is preserved and used by local students and researchers.

Must-See Spot

See what makes Waites Island a must-see destination for first-time (and returning) visitors to North Myrtle Beach.

But before you do, pack essentials like sunscreen, hats, water bottles, and beach towels. And don’t forget to take them with you when you leave! Share our commitment to preserving Waites Island for generations to come.

Amid a bustling Main Street and fun attractions, North Myrtle Beach also offers another side of paradise. One that is tranquil and peaceful and disconnects you from the day-to-day. So when you return to your post-vacation life, you’ll look back on the peace and beauty you experienced on Waites Island and dream of your next trip to NMB.