You may love being with your friends and family, but sometimes you need to take time for yourself. Disconnect from the day-to-day, enjoy your own company, and plan a vacation to North Myrtle Beach. NMB offers plenty of opportunities for solo travelers to create wonderful memories solo and alongside locals and other travelers. The benefit of traveling on your own? It's budget-friendly! Discover more fun for less during your visit! 

Going Solo

From a coastal beach to an inland river bank, NMB has miles of shoreline where you can cast a line and see what’s biting. Fishing is the ultimate solo vacation experience. Find a spot so secluded that the only sounds you hear are fish jumping out of the water or a bird taking off from its perch.

Meanwhile, surf fishing lets you enjoy the quintessential beach vacation while fishing along the southeast coast. Bring a beach chair so you can relax while you watch the lure for signs of interest and listen to the ocean roar toward the shore. Inland fishing along NMB’s rivers or pristine Intracoastal Waterway can be even quieter and certainly more remote. You can meditate as light waves gently brush along the shore. If you get too lost in thought and “The Big One'' gets away, that’s okay! No one is around to see, and you can keep going until another one bites.

If you’re looking to explore on water, and get some exercise while you’re at it, hop on a kayak or stand-up paddleboard to access hard-to-reach areas. One of the best ways to see beautiful Waites Island, an undeveloped area where nature rules, is by joining a kayak tour. Both kayaks and paddleboards also let you get deep into NMB’s marshes, home to dolphins, herons, and more. Your spur-of-the-moment expedition will be full of moments you can’t plan and could never recreate.

While often done in pairs and foursomes, golfing is a perfect pastime for one, especially when you’re playing on one of our nicely-manicured and tranquil golf courses.

Alone In A Crowd

You don’t have to exile yourself to uninhabited areas to have fun on your own. NMB has plenty of opportunities for you to relax even when surrounded by complete strangers. 

Stroll down the Cherry Grove Pier, grab a bite to eat along Ocean Drive Beach, or enjoy a good book along our nine miles of beautiful beaches. Here, there are endless ways to enjoy your own company, people-watch, and even strike up a conversation with another visitor or a local. You can wine and dine your way through the city at any of our wineries, distilleries, and local bars, and bring back home some local spirits as souvenirs for family and friends.

When it gets late into the night, mingle with the locals and fellow visitors at our thriving nightlife venues. From live musical acts and happy hours to dancing and games, with places like 810 Billiards & Bowling offering a little bit of everything, you won’t want to go to sleep and miss all the nighttime revelries. 

After a few days of solo exploration, you’ll leave North Myrtle Beach with new memories and, maybe, even some new friends. See you soon!