Ocean Drive

Ocean Drive

Welcome to the heart of North Myrtle Beach—and the birthplace of the Carolina Shag. Known as the area’s main hub of entertainment, Ocean Drive is located the center of our collection of seaside villages and plays host to the majority of our area’s festivals, concerts and events. In fact, many locals still refer to North Myrtle Beach as “Ocean Drive.”

If you and your family are considering a stay in Ocean Drive, be prepared to bring your energy and rediscover your youth at this entertainment hotspot. You can also play some of the finest golf courses in the South, dance the night away at Fat Harold’s Beach Club, explore Ocean Drive’s historic Main Street, and stop by the area’s only oceanfront amusement park.

Have a favorite sport you like to play with your family? Just down the Robert Edge Parkway from Ocean Drive is the sprawling North Myrtle Beach Sports Complex & Park—a world-class sports and recreational facility—that offers a range of activities like baseball, lacrosse, swimming and tennis. It is also home to treetop zip lining, a jetpack adventure and Segway Tours. Whether you are planning a family vacation or a weekend getaway with friends, Ocean Drive makes it easy for you to enjoy some of the most lively and energetic entertainment along the coast.


When Ocean Drive was first discovered, it was said to be “the widest beach in the world,” with enough room for several cars to race side by side along the shore. The pavilion opened in 1940 and quickly became a popular hangout spot for local and visiting youth. It had a first-class arcade, bingo hall, bathhouse, bowling alley and even a skating rink.In the 1940s, the Carolina Shag was born along the North Myrtle Beach coastline. Known as the South Carolina state dance, shag is a variation of the swing, with gliding steps designed to avoid kicking up the sand.

In 1954, Hurricane Hazel destroyed the pavilion and much of the surrounding area. However, Ocean Drive residents were able to pick up the pieces and rebuild, and in 1955 they introduced a new pavilion and an amusement park. Ocean Drive was the first of the ocean towns to be incoporated as a municipality in 1948 with Luther W. Fenegan as mayor. The towns of Ocean Drive, Crescent Beach, Cherry Grove, and Windy Hill merged together to form North Myrtle Beach in 1968.


O.D. Pavilion and Amusement Park

• Main Street

• McLean Park

• Spanish Galleon

• North Myrtle Beach Historical Museum

• Hoskins Restaurant

• North Myrtle Beach Sports Complex & Park

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