Cherry Grove

Cherry Grove

Looking for a family-friendly beach vacation with water sports and recreation? Look no further than Cherry Grove, SC. With an ideal location along the salt marsh inlet and the Intracoastal Waterway, Cherry Grove Beach delivers some of the best views—and best fishing—around.

Take a stroll 985 feet out over the Atlantic on the iconic Cherry Grove Fishing Pier and soak in the community’s abundant natural beauty, or grab a fishing pole and test your skills in the open water. Spend the afternoon with your family leisurely kayaking or paddle boarding down the Intracoastal Waterway. Put away the electronics and explore the area’s abundant natural beauty on horseback or with one of our many nature tours through the pristine Waites Island—an island that can only be accessed through Cherry Grove.

Active, adventurous and iconic, Cherry Grove, SC, is where families go to enjoy fresh air and a new adventures every time they visit. Scroll down to see a list of available Cherry Grove Beach rentals, resorts and condos for your next vacation.


In 1734, a Connecticut resident named James Minor obtained a 375-acre piece of land that became known as “Minor’s Island.” The land was eventually sold to the Morrall family, who also owned a 1,900-acre plantation called “Cherry Grove.” The plantation was named for the native cherry trees that grew in the area and stretched from the ocean across Little River Neck.

In the 1950s, the Nixon family owned this area, and in 1950 C.D. Nixon obtained a permit to close Cherry Grove Inlet to lend access to "Futch Beach" (as Cherry Grove was then known). The Nixon family began adding landmarks such as the Cherry Grove Fishing Pier and Sonny’s Pavilion—which brought in tourists and visitors from near and far. In 1954, Hurricane Hazel destroyed much of the area, but the community rallied, rebuilt and became more popular than ever. In 1959, Cherry Grove was incorporated with C.D. Nixon as mayor.

In 1968, Cherry Grove Beach joined Windy Hill, Crescent Beach and Ocean Drive to form the City of North Myrtle Beach. Since then, Cherry Grove, South Carolina has defined its character and attracts millions of visitors every year. 


• Cherry Grove Fishing Pier

• Annual July 4th Fireworks Display

• Cherry Grove Oceanfront Park

• Cherry Grove Park and Boat Ramp

• Heritage Shores Nature Preserve

• Russell Burgess Coastal Preserve

• Great Escapes Kayaking Tours

• J & L Kayak Ecoventures

• Tidewater Golf Club 

We are proud to offer the following selection of Cherry Grove Beach rentals, resorts and condos:

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