Play a Round of Miniature Golf in North Myrtle BeachNorth Myrtle Beach is famous for its golf, both the championship variety and the putt-putt kind. In fact, two major miniature golf tournaments - the Masters and the US Open of Minigolf - are held here each year, but most folks just play for fun. Here are some of the highlights of the North Myrtle Beach minigolf scene:

  • Hawaiian Rumble Minigolf: Home of the Masters and the US Open of Minigolf, this layout features waterfalls and a giant volcano that erupts periodically throughout your round. Meet Pete the talking parrot in the clubhouse and have a postgame slushie.
  • May Day Golf: This 36-hole layout is hard to miss thanks to a large yellow airplane that has crash-landed on the mountainside in the middle of the course. The Travel Channel named May Day Golf its top survival-themed course as players try to seek rescue and sink putts.
  • Molten Mountain: Players putt their way through exploding volcanoes and roaring waterfalls at this tropical-themed layout. The real appeal of this course is the air-conditioned indoor section for relief on those hot and steamy days and nights.
  • Mutiny Bay: Ahoy, mateys! Draw your putter and prepare to duel with pirates as well as your playing partners at this North Myrtle Beach course. Board the clipper ship in the middle of the lake and make putts on the deck to escape the band of buccaneers.
  • Professor Hacker's Dinosaur Adventure: Try to putt your way around this 36-hole layout that is inhabited by prehistoric creatures. Follow the map and clues left behind by Professor Duffer A. Hacker to safely escape the beasts and board the 85-foot steamship.

No matter which course you choose, we know that you’re in for a big heaping of family fun with a round (or two) of North Myrtle Beach miniature golf!