Best of mini golf in North Myrtle Beach

The miniature golf scene in North Myrtle Beach is anything but mini, with a total of eight mini golf courses along our nine-mile stretch of the Grand Strand. Like our beautiful golf courses, miniature golf offers an afternoon of fun competition for the whole family. Whether you’re a pro competing in the US ProMiniGolf Masters or just looking for friendly fun, here are some miniature golf courses you don’t want to miss out on. 

Say ‘Aloha’ to your new favorite sport

Escape to paradise at Aloha Mini Golf, where you can putt your way through this island-themed mini-golf oasis. This fun and challenging course is perfect for beginners and pros alike. The North Myrtle Beach location of Aloha Mini Golf is known for its beautifully landscaped greens, colorful water features, and unique Hawaiian-inspired decor, which add to the fun and relaxing atmosphere.

Need more island time? Aloha Mini Golf is a sister location to the world’s #1 mini-golf location and home of the US ProMiniGolf Association’s Masters Championship, Hawaiian Rumble Mini Golf. Hawaiian Rumble receives this recognition for its tropical atmosphere, its classic mini golf layout, and its 40-foot volcano that “erupts” periodically. 

No need for mayday, there is nothing but fun here!

Join Professor Hacker for an exciting journey at Mayday Mini Golf and Lost Treasure Golf, where each location boasts two sets of 18-hole courses that follow a fun storyline filled with mayhem and adventure.

Mayday Mayday! Your first adventure will be on Mayday Mountain, where you'll ascend the mountain alongside cascading falls and beneath the wings of the Big Yellow Airplane, which crash-landed, stranding its golfers on a tropical island. Don't worry, though - Rescue Falls, featuring a real Rescue Huey Helicopter, will come to the rescue of the stranded golfers. Just be careful of the waterfall!

At Lost Treasure Golf, you and your crew can follow Prof. Hacker on two adventures off of Fogclift Islands. Your expeditions will begin by taking the mining car to the top of the mountain, then putt your way down while searching for gold and diamonds. 

Continue following the wacky professor.

Did you know that Professor Hackers was not only a noted explorer, archaeologist, and anthropologist but also a paleontologist and part-time taxidermist?  Professor Hacker’s Dinosaur Adventure offers 36 holes of adventure-filled mini golf.

At Dinosaur Adventure, crash-land in the jungle with thought-to-be-extinct dinosaurs! Follow the course and putt through the jungle and around waterfalls to get to Professor Hacker's rescue ship and explore the land thought to be lost. Dinosaur Adventure offers two 18-hole courses and an 85-foot steamship! 

More family-friendly putting adventures!

If you are looking for an adventure that tells tall tales of pirates and treasure, look no further than Myrtle Beach Family Golf. Myrtle Beach Family Golf hosts three venues of adventure, including Captain Hook’s Adventure Golf and Shipwreck Island.