Some places have a real “have to see it to believe it” vibe. And believe us, Alligator Adventure in North Myrtle Beach, located near Barefoot Landing, is a must-see! 

From the moment you walk in, you feel like you’re on a safari. Cute and quirky kookaburras are just past the front entrance. These Aussie birds have a hearty laugh and a somewhat quieter chuckle that delights every time. Right next door is a flock of colorful macaws! But look beyond the beautiful birds, and you’ll see what you came for: alligators! There is a small exhibit with Chinese alligators. Turn around and you’ll see a larger pond that’s home to juvenile gators. And that’s just the tip of the reptile iceberg.

As you move through the 15-acre zoo, you’ll come across albino alligators. These rare reptiles don’t create any pigment. With just a little pink around their eyes, they look like ghosts hugging the terrain. Towards the back of the park, you’ll find Croc Cove featuring crocodiles up to 21 feet long, which can weigh 2,600 pounds. Despite their size, they make efficient and stealthy predators, which is why they get their own cove!

The biggest celebrity at Alligator Adventure is Bob! The female alligator was born at this local attraction in 1997 and doesn’t have a tail (a common birth defect in American alligators). Bob is a favorite with visitors and staff alike.

A trip through Alligator Adventure feels like a trip around the world and a trip back in time. Many of these species were around when dinosaurs roamed the planet. Some crocs trace their history back to more than 80 million years! During your visit, learn how each animal fits into the delicate balance of life on Earth.


Lemurs, Ostriches, & Tortoises... Oh My!

In addition to its more than 800 alligators, there are over 230 other species at Alligator Adventure, which provides an up-close look at animals you don’t see every day. You’d have to take a long flight and then hike into the bush to see some of these guys outside of the park. Majestic Chilean Flamingos strut around in all their glory at Alligator Park. Fun fact: flamingos are pink because they eat pink-hued food (shrimp), and that turns their feathers the bright pink we all recognize.

You’ll also spot Eagle Owls (or will they spot you first?), bobcats, and tortoises, which come out of their shell sometimes to greet guests. 

Feeding Time!

Alligator Adventure has several live shows lined up throughout the day. In the summertime, you can watch live feedings of the alligators. And boy, are these guys hungry! Some of them are 15 feet long and still jump out of the water to snatch a snack. Summer is a busy time at Alligator Adventure, but the attraction is open year-round. The pictures you take here will get instant likes on social media and be fun to scroll through for years to come.

For more on Alligator Adventure, visit its website and add this must-see attraction to your family trip to North Myrtle Beach.