Experience a taste like no other as the sweet muscadine wine hits the tip of your tongue. Duplin Winery in North Myrtle Beach across Barefoot Landing offers an unforgettable experience revolving around the sweet vino. You’ll see why it’s one of the top North Myrtle Beach attractions when you share an award-winning bottle with friends and enjoy the laid-back style of the south. 

About Duplin Winery

Duplin Winery got its start in the 1970s when two brothers, Dan and David Fussell, Sr., began making wine. Their dreams turned into Duplin Winery located in Rose Hill, North Carolina. A second location was born in North Myrtle Beach in 2015 after the second generation of brothers, Dave Fussell, Jr., and Jonathan Fussell, took over the family business.

Types of Duplin Wines

Peppermint Cotton Candy, Sweet Lily, and Coastal Shag may not sound like your typical wines, which is what makes Duplin Winery stand out from the rest.

Muscadine grapes are native to the southeast and range in color from green to black. Some grapes are as big as a golf ball. Muscadine wine is diverse and comes in red, white, and rosé.

At Duplin Winery, you can enjoy a vast selection of wines, from seasonal flavors like Christmas Wine to year-round favorites, including Hatteras Red. 

Wine Tastings & Tours

Pair a lovely afternoon on the patio or around the bar with a wine tasting at Duplin Winery. The tasting includes 10 preselected wines, gourmet cheese dips and crackers, and a full glass of your favorite wine once you’ve finished sampling. There are even alcohol-free beverages available so everyone in your party can enjoy the experience. 

You can also add a tour to your wine-tasting experience. The 30-45 minute virtual tour includes a sneak peek of the Rose Hill wine-making facility. Towards the end, you'll get to bottle a keepsake wine in the hand-bottling room to take home and remember your trip. 

No reservation is necessary for the tasting or tour. Wine tastings are available between 11 a.m. and 6 p.m., Mondays through Saturdays. After your tasting, head to the shop to buy a few souvenir bottles or unique gifts. The winery is closed on Sundays.

Events & Music

There’s always something going on at the North Myrtle Beach winery. Enjoy annual events like Christmas Girls’ Night Out, open to Heritage Club members.

There are also weekly music performances in the afternoons and evenings. Check out the music lineup on Duplin’s website.

Join the Duplin Winery Club

A day of wine tasting and nibbling is fun, but you can keep the party going all year long. By joining the Heritage Club, you’ll have wines shipped to you four times throughout the year. Members enjoy discounts on cases and food and complimentary tastings when you return to the winery.

The only thing sweeter than Duplin’s sweet muscadine wine will be the memories you make there.