North Myrtle Beach is not for the faint of heart, filled with thrills and adventure. With sprawling beaches and a vast Atlantic Ocean just waiting to be conquered, there is no limit to what you can do on the water. North Myrtle Beach’s watersports allow you to dive into the salty depths of the ocean, fly high above the waves, or ski across the waterway. Adventure awaits you here. Are you ready?

Parasailing, Banana Boats, and Jet Skis, Oh MY! 

Soar over scenic shores and feel flight like the seabirds or feel the fresh ocean spray as you cut across currents at heart-racing speeds. Whether you prefer to take flight or set sail, North Myrtle Beach offers a safe yet thrilling once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for parasailing, banana boating, and jet skiing.  

When it comes to parasailing and banana boating, Aloha Watersports and New Wave Watersports believe it is all about living life to the fullest. Offering safe rides for all ages on their two and three-person parasails and whole-family adventures on the Big Island Banana Boat, Aloha Watersports ensures a lively experience on the water. Similarly, New Wave Watersports tailors their thrilling parasailing and banana boat rides to fit the comfort of your whole group while taking in the panoramic views and gliding across the water. 

If you have a need for speed, Myrtle Beach Watersports Inc and Action Water Sportz feature unique jet skiing opportunities that will get your blood pumping. Race with the dolphins in Myrtle Beach Watersports Inc.’s unique jet ski dolphin cruise. Or, if you’re an experienced jet skier, take advantage of Action Water Sportz’s adventures through the Intracoastal Waterway to discover remote islands and pristine backcountry.

Obstacle Courses and Cable Parks

Make waves on your next vacation with Shark Wake Park in the North Myrtle Beach Park and Sports Complex. Thrill seekers of all ages can enjoy a state-of-the-art cable park and “Wipe Out” style obstacle course. Conquer the cable park, which features wakeboarding, knee boarding, and waterskiing at all skill levels. Or overcome Obstacle Island, the large inflatable obstacle course that sits above 15ft of water and features monkey bars, climbing walls, and slides.

Surf's Up

Hit the waves in North Myrtle Beach with a surf lesson from Kokopelli Surf Camp. Hanging ten beside the Cherry Grove Pier, their professional surfers and experienced instructors guarantee a fun and safe experience for all ages and skill levels. Kokopelli provides the boards, so all you need to bring is your gnarly sense of adventure. Private and group lessons are available, as well as kids surf camps. 

Diving Deep 

Ever wonder what’s beneath the surface of the glistening Atlantic? Now’s your chance to become a true explorer and fulfill your oceanic dreams with these unique diving opportunities.  

Make your dreams of becoming a mermaid a reality with Mainly Mermaids. The family-friendly and fitness-based program trains you and your friends to dive into and explore the water like a real mermaid would! It’s a “merma-zing” experience you won’t get anywhere else! 

Dive deeper into the trenches with Coastal Scuba. The full-service, five-star dive training center offers an assortment of classes, training locations including in the ocean, and charters to open dive sites. Explore the depths of the Grand Strand coast, including local sites of Civil War and WWII shipwrecks.

On Calmer Waters... 

There’s no doubt that North Myrtle Beach is an exciting place to be, but excitement exists outside of racing hearts. Be awe-struck by astounding views on calmer waters with relaxing dolphin cruises, fishing expeditions, and scenic kayak and paddleboard tours. No matter how you seek excitement, North Myrtle Beach is thrilled for you to be here.