963 Film Group

6181 Chadderton Cir

Myrtle Beach, SC 29579

(757) 310-3339


A company that specialized in all sorts of filmmaking from athletics, to weddings to corporate events… we decided to specialize and niche down within the company while still keeping to a professional operation. Even within the editing portion of the process, we saw that we had different strengths and weaknesses so we even niched down the post-edit portions of things. Through partnering with digital marketers and focusing on marketing sales funnel and professionalism we understand that for us it’s not about how pretty the film is, that should be second nature… it’s about how the film changed the viewer’s emotions and solved their problem with a solution. Everyone within the group has an overwhelming desire to tell a story and that is the beautiful part about the company, so we tend to lean toward a documentary style when we create for our small business and ourselves.