Digital Influence Report

Destination North Myrtle Beach is partnering with Simpleview, international specialists in destination marketing and digital solutions, to conduct a digital excellence program.  An objective of Destination NMB is to improve and enhance our competitiveness as a community through supporting digital excellence at the individual business level.

Two years ago, we had all the Destination NMB Investors/Partners’ Google Listings audited and reached out to businesses that needed assistance to correct wrong information, get images that were incorrect, old, and poor-quality removed, we uploaded new images, created listicles, increased the street views on Google Maps, uploaded more than 800 images, and other support to improve the listings of businesses and our community. The program has yielded significant results in the digital presence of North Myrtle Beach.

The Digital Influence Report (DIR) is a new initiative; we compiled a list of tourism related businesses that are locally and/or regionally owned and operated and provided them to the Simpleview team to evaluate the business’ digital footprint. The digital experts from Simpleview have analyzed the forward facing, publicly available data and compiled the reports based upon individual business presence on platforms such as Google, Meta, Yelp and Trip Advisor to help to raise the overall presence of North Myrtle Beach across the web.

The registration link to view the recorded workshop (convened in March 2023) introduces the compiled Digital Influence Report which you can view here, as well as examples of how businesses have used the report to improve their sales, and an overview of how to use the individual reports.

After you view the video, there are next steps to gaining access to the individual report completed for your individual business.

Let us know if you have any questions.

Cheryl Kilday