Turkey Flocking

A popular activity that was launched two years ago is to have a business (yours or someone you know) “Flocked” by turkey yard signs. The flock of turkeys are installed and the individual or business that sponsors the flocking contributes at least $100.00 to the Foundation and the business that gets “flocked” is invited to pass is on and schedule another business to be flocked and contribute at least $100.00 to the Foundation. The “flocking” is captured with photos of the business owners, managers, and Foundation representatives and used on social media and your business will be tagged. This is a fun way to increase your business visibility while raising money for our neighbors who are in need and promotes the business and the cause. Click below to schedule to have a flock delivered to a business of your choice during the months of October and November and contribute to the Turkey Drive. The flockings will include a photo opportunity and social media posts, and the turkeys will remain on display for two hours.