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The Best Steak Restaurants in North Myrtle Beach

There comes a time in just about everyone’s life when they start to crave a delicious piece of red meat. While anyone can buy their steak and grill out, there is nothing quite like going to a restaurant and enjoying the experience. Here are the best steak restaurants in North Myrtle Beach:

Castano’s Italian Steakhouse

Castano’s Italian Steakhouse offers the best entrees at the upscale and contemporary restaurant. The eatery is known for their old world taste that is fused with refined American cuisine. It is full of entertainment through the restaurant with HD projection screens and plasmas playing the great, Frank Sinatra. You can catch daily specials and great happy hour deals every day at Castano’s. A favorite steak is called “The Godfather.” The 14 oz. aged New York strip is served with mashed potatoes, the vegetable of the day and topped with crispy onion strings. There is a full wine menu to help find the perfect pairing with your steak.

New York Prime

New York Prime is considered the best of the best for serving mouth-watering prime beef. The award-winning restaurant is an experience like no other. The wait staff is trained and ready to give the best service possible knowing the menu inside and out. All of the employees have the timing of each course perfected to ensure that appetizers will never overlap with dinner. The steaks are the most popular items on the menu, but the restaurant also has seafood dishes and unique side dishes. Be sure to come hungry so that you can enjoy the full experience from appetizer to dessert.