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Condo Rentals Vs. Hotel Stays

Vacation is something that many people around the world look forward to each year. It is the time to hang out with family and friends, turn off work emails and let loose. When it comes to planning vacation, most people will book directly through a hotel of their choice. However, seeking out a condo rental is a great option when it comes to a vacation getaway.

Condo rentals are becoming more popular, yet there are many people out there who aren’t taking advantage of them. It is ultimately the best way to save money when heading out of town. Here are a few advantages when you choose a condo rental.

More space – Having more space is always important, especially when traveling with a large group. A one bedroom at a resort can start at about 425 square feet, while a condo can go up to 1400 square feet. Vacation is all about relaxing; you don’t want to feel like you can’t because there are too many people in one room.

Feel like a local – Ever dreamed of owning a second home at the beach, or eventually moving there one day? It can feel more like home when you choose a condo rental, which gives a greater sense of belonging. You can also choose a condo rental that is in a less touristy area giving you the real feeling of being a local.

Save money – Who doesn’t want to save money? The cost of a condo rental can save $20 or more per night. Also, many condo rentals have their own kitchen, which avoids spending money at a restaurant each day. Extra money means being able to do all the activities you want like golf, theater shows and more.

It’s all about preference when it comes to staying in a condo rental vs. a hotel. Each has different benefits and advantages. Which do you prefer when you plan your vacation?