Historical landmarks & Attractions

Create new memories while learning about the past at one of North Myrtle Beach’s historical landmarks and attractions. Whether you choose to visit the Governor’s Lighthouse, OD Pavilion or one of our other are attractions, your experience will be just as rich as the history. Bring your family and make timeless memories that will be cherished for years to come.   

Barefoot Landing
One landmark destinations that is beloved many generations is Barefoot Landing. Officially branded in 1988 with around 15 shops, Barefoot Landing has grown into a 100+ store shopping and dining destination. Surrounded by Louis Lake, it has become one of the top destinations in South Carolina.

Other well-known, historical landmarks and attractions include:

Things to Do

Built in 1985, The Governor’s Lighthouse was built to honor past Governors of South Carolina. You won’t be able to tour the lighthouse, but you will be able to get some great pictures.

Want to go on a family hike full of trails, boardwalks and history? Take a trip to the Vereen Memorial Gardens.