Explore North Myrtle Beach is closely following the guidance of the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention and other world health organizations to do our part to assist in the flattening of the curve of COVID-19. The safety...

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Healthy Traveling Tips and Resources

COVID-19 Resources and Information

Throughout the course of the pandemic and moving forward into our safe emergence, Explore North Myrtle Beach has continuously followed and supported our state and local lawmakers, the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention and other world health organizations to do our part in reducing the spread of COVID-19. The safety and well-being of our visitors, employees, families, and the residents of North Myrtle Beach is our top priority. 

South Carolina is currently in Phase 1B of vaccine distribution. It is estimated that every South Carolinian who wants to receive the COVID-19 vaccine will have access to it by this summer. For further information regarding the vaccine distribution and current number of COVID-19 cases, please visit the SC DHEC website. 

Additionally, Explore North Myrtle Beach has been monitoring both local and state emergency declarations. At this time, The City of North Myrtle Beach does have a face mask ordinance which requires a secure face covering to be worn any place where social distancing is not possible. For a list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding face coverings in NMB, please click here

We look forward to welcoming you back to North Myrtle Beach when the time is right for you. While you are here, we ask that you follow safe travel practices and CDC guidance to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Follow these tips for a healthy and safe vacation:

  • Use a mask or face covering when in public. 
  • Wash your hands, and wash them often! Use hand sanitizer when soap is not available and avoid touching your face, mouth, and eyes.
  • Socially Distance. Be sure to set up your beach chair at least 6 feet away from others.
  • Cover your cough and sneezes.

If you begin to feel unwell while you are in North Myrtle Beach, the following resources are here to help.

Healthcare and COVID-19 Testing

If you are experiencing a healthcare emergency, please call 9-1-1. For non-emergent care and COVID-19 testing, the following resources are available to visitors and residents of North Myrtle Beach. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the current status of COVID-19 cases in the North Myrtle Beach area?

Updated information on the status of COVID-19 in the state of South Carolina can be found here.

Are face-coverings required in the City of North Myrtle Beach?

They are. You will need to wear a face-covering anywhere that social distancing is not easily possible. Examples include but are not limited to retail businesses such as grocery stores and pharmacies, hair and nail salons, barbershops, and tattoo parlors.  For more information and to read a list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding the ordinance, please click here

Are the beaches open? 

They are! It is recommended that beachgoers practice social distancing, which is easy to do on our wide open beaches. 

Are restaurants open for interior dining?

Yes! Restaurants can be open to both interior and outdoor dining at full capacity. Not comfortable with eating out? Most restaurants are still offering carry-out and curbside options.

What attractions and retailers are open?

There are currently no restrictions for attractions or retailers pertaining to COVID-19 closures. Any closures at this time would be based on the seasonality of the business. 

Are events happening?

While our Governor has recently lifted the restrictions on large gatherings, it is still recommended that events either have 50% normal attendance based on the space, or less than 250 people. Please visit our calendar of events to see what's happening in North Myrtle Beach. 

What precautions are local businesses taking to reduce the spread of COVID-19?

Many of our local business have taken the Greater Grand Strand Promise, and additionally, area restaurants are able to make the Palmetto Priority commitment. These pledges signal to visitors that the business is taking all necessary precautions to keep both their employee and customers safe.