Liam John USA

4814 Hwy 17 S, Unit 63

North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582

(843) 491-3070


Liam John was founded in 2016 as a direct selling company, out of a clear need from their clients to feel their best in their biggest moments. Liam John built a company that focused 100% on ultimately helping guys feel confident in their clothes regardless of the setting. Golfing with their buddies, having dinner with someone special, or closing a big deal… All of those are moments that we consider “big.” What they started to realize after helping thousands of guys, is that most of them hated to shop, only wore about 20% of their closet, and didn’t really feel confident in their ability to “put it all together.” So, they decided to take that responsibility on for them. Basically, they felt like their clients could “outsource” that part of their life to Liam John. Years later, they have seen so many people start to enjoy the way they look and feel in their clothes, that they keep coming back to Liam John for help. In 2021, they were presented the opportunity to partner with Johnnie-O and have found ourselves in a sweet retail situation. This partnership has completely transformed the way they are able to help their clients.