GG&G Garbage Pickup Services

917 Pint Cir

Longs, SC 29568

(843) 471-0776


GG&G Garbage Pickup Services is a privately black owned family business that was established in 2008 by the owner Warren Wilson. He began the company in order to fulfill an idea that was burning inside of him to haul away other's garbage. Therefore, he put what he believes is a God given idea into motion with the vision of providing excellent customer service and focusing on improving communities with company partners. He began GG&G with nothing but an old El Camino and his family and throughout the years of dedication and treacherous work, GG&G is continuously progressing into the company that we envision it to be. We've learned the true value of consistently doing the little things right and we believe this is what great companies are remembered for. To us, business is not only about making money, but here at GG&G we pride ourselves on the strong partnerships/relationships we create with those we conduct business with.