North Myrtle Beach Industry Partners

Just Coast® in North Myrtle Beach

The North Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce, Convention & Visitors Bureau enlisted Gray Research Solutions, Nashville, TN, to conduct a historic in-depth quantitative research study to develop a new brand platform and better measure the economic impact of tourism on the local economy.

A study of this magnitude is a milestone for the Chamber who continues to stake its claim as a growing leader within the region’s travel and tourism industry, generating $132,960,010 in state and local taxes during its spring, summer and fall 2017 seasons.

Significant items of note that resulted from the research study included the following statistics about the spring and summer 2016 North Myrtle Beach tourism impact:

  • $1,196,942,669 in direct visitor expenditures were spent inside North Myrtle Beach; $113,898,788 was spent by visitors outside of the city of North Myrtle Beach
  • 14,576 represents the number of jobs created in North Myrtle Beach due to tourism; 1,387 additional tourism jobs resulted outside of the city limits
  • $17, 326 represents the amount visitors save EACH household in taxes in North Myrtle Beach every year

This research also guided the development of the new brand platform for North Myrtle Beach, which is:

North Myrtle Beach is a special collection of classic seaside communities, unexpected adventures, and relationship-fostering accommodations that make for the most relaxing beach vacation for the whole family.

This brand position statement also served as a strategic guide for the development of the new marketing slogan Just Coast® which will begin to appear in marketing efforts immediately. The Just Coast slogan helps represent that in North Myrtle Beach, visitors can have it all and still get away from it all. No matter the type of beach vacation a visitor is seeking, in North Myrtle Beach, individuals have the opportunity to Just Coast. From a beach home experience where friends and family cook meals at home to a night out on Ocean Drive learning the official state dance The Shag there’s plenty of activities and relaxation to please any vacationer so that they can embrace the Just Coast way of life that is North Myrtle Beach.

We invite our industry partners to explore the new brand and slogan, and to help us extend the brand with your own marketing efforts. We want everyone who considers visiting our area to understand that they can have it all and get away from it all. No matter what kind of beach vacation they want, in North Myrtle Beach they can relax, have fun, and Just Coast. The Just Coast campaign was designed with that spirit in mind and encourages our visitors to explore many reasons to choose North Myrtle Beach.

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