Bad Religion

4640 Hwy 17 S, North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582:5357

North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582:5357

(843) 272-3000

  • Dates: September 27, 2024
  • Location: House of Blues
  • Time: 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM
  • Price: From $44.50


Bad Religion is bringing their iconic punk rock sound to North Myrtle Beach, promising a night of high-energy music and thought-provoking lyrics. With a career spanning over four decades, the band has been a cornerstone of the punk rock scene, known for their intense live performances and socially conscious songs. Classics like "Sorrow," "American Jesus," and "21st Century (Digital Boy)" have cemented their place in music history, and their concerts are a powerful mix of nostalgia and fresh energy.

Throughout their illustrious career, Bad Religion has released numerous critically acclaimed albums, including "The Process of Belief," "True North," and their latest, "Age of Unreason." Their influence extends beyond music, as they have been vocal advocates for social and political change. Fans can expect a dynamic show that not only showcases their extensive catalog but also highlights their ongoing relevance in the punk rock world. This concert is a must-see for long-time followers and new fans alike, offering an unforgettable experience filled with passion and powerful performances.