Cherry Grove Fishing Pier

North Myrtle Beach is home to the Cherry Grove Fishing Pier, where in 1964, a 1,780-pound, world record tiger shark was caught by Walter Maxwell. It remains to this day the only all-tackle world record ever caught in South Carolina. The shark is estimated to have weighed in at 2,000 lbs when it was caught, but it was not weighed until the next day when it could be trucked to Loris and placed on the scales.

The Cherry Grove Pier was built early in the 1950's and has been owned by the Prince family since 1965. It has weathered many hurricanes, and was remodeled and lengthened in 1999 after a visit from Hurricane Floyd.

The newly remodeled Tackle and Gift Shop has rod rentals and sales along with just the right bait and tackle for that certain fish.

Apache Pier

Whether you just want to check out the view, take a stroll, enjoy live entertainment at the pier's covered center stage, or fish all day long, visit the Apache Pier in Myrtle Beach.  The East Coast's longest wooden pier with complete service for anglers: rod and reel rentals and sales as well as tackle, apparel and souvenirs!

Carolina Pier Fishing Tips

Successful fishing requires both the right equipment and knowledge of the conditions that effect the fish. For information on catch and size limits, download the South Carolina Saltwater Fishing Regulations from the SC Department of Natural Resources in Adobe Acrobat format by clicking here.

A fishing license is not required to fish from the Cherry Grove Pier with your admission.

Conditions that affect fishing:

  • The position of the sun, moon and tides. The sun and moon affect the level of the tides, and their light appears to influence the feeding habits of fish.

  • The sunrise and sunset seems to increase the activity levels of fish. Some fish feed at night while others feed mainly during the day. Both day and night feeders become more active with the changing light and tides. Because of this, the changing tide at dawn or dusk can be among the best times to fish.

When fishing from the pier:

Cast and let your bait drift with the tide, or fish on the bottom. The marine life attached to the pier's pilings means a supply of readily available food to the fish, so they naturally tend to gather around the pier.

To catch more fish:

  • Ask the fishing pros in our tackle shop how the fish are biting and what is the best bait to use. We have everything you'll need to make your outing fun and prosperous.

  • Read our Carolina Pier Fishing Encyclopedia below. It will help you identify some common pier fish, and understand their habits.

  • Use the proper tackle. Monofilament line should be replaced periodically, and tackle should be well maintained. Many a fisherman has lost "the big one" because of old, weakened line, dull hooks, or an improperly maintained drag. Our tackle shop pros can help you keep your equipment in top shape.

  • Use fresh bait. It will always attract more fish especially if you are using live bait like shrimp or sand fleas. Change bait frequently for the best results.

  • Use enough weight on your line when bottom fishing for the current and tide conditions. Bottom feeders will usually not surface to reach bait that is above them. Our fishing pros can advise you about the tide and current conditions.

  • Keep loud conversation, music, and noises to a minimum. Sound carries great distances under water and can drive fish away.

  • Watch the experienced fishermen. You can learn a lot from the pros just by watching their techniques. Fishermen are friendly people who love the sport. Most will gladly answer a question or two, and some will even offer colorful stories about "the one that got away.