watersports in North Myrtle BeachNorth Myrtle Beach loves to play as much as any town, but our idea of fun and games involve using the Atlantic Ocean and Intracoastal Waterway as the playing fields. Although North Myrtle Beach is famous for leisure activities such as golf and shag dancing, those are only on dry land. When it's time to play, the water is the venue of choice for fun in the sun, and North Myrtle Beach offers more bang for your buck (or splash for your cash) than anywhere else on the Grand Strand. Here's our list of the Top 7 Watersports activities to get your blood pumping:

1. Scuba Diving:The abundance of marinas that line the waterway are filled with watersports outfitters offering a wide range of aquatic activities, especially dolphin-watching tours for some great photo ops. To get even closer to sea life, take a scuba class and go on a wreck dive. The most visited reef in South Carolina, the Jim Caudle Reef is right off the coast, just 2 ½ miles off the Little River shoreline!

2. Parasailing: Another popular watersport, giving riders a bird's-eye view of the ocean with the wind power of a parachute. For those who want to stay a little closer to the surface, take a Banana Boat. These inflatable, banana shaped, tubes are pulled behind a boat or water ski for a fun trip through creeks or the ocean. Banana boating speeds can be customizable for the preferences of the group and can typically accommodate 6 people per banana boat. Banana boating on the ocean is usually bumpier, but smoother trips in the inlet are available!

3. Kayaking and paddleboarding: A local and visitors favorite can easily be done with children. Many companies have tours that show you around the barrier islands and salt-water creeks. If you want to take a more independent approach many places in North Myrtle Beach have kayak rentals in both single and tandem sizes. Additionally, kayaks are a great way to get close to the coastal life, including dolphins, herons, egrets, and fish. Paddle Boarding, also known as S.U.P. (stand up paddle boarding), is another cool and leisurely watersport to try any time of year! North Myrtle Beach has both creeks and open water perfect for gaining your new sea legs. You can bring your own board or rent one from one of our many Water Sport companies.Shark Wake Park

4. Shark Wake Sports ParkThe first of it's kind in South Carolina, this cable wakeboarding park is open to adventurers of all abilities and skill levels. You'll get pulled along for the ride of your life! And if you fall...swim to the nearest dock, get right back up and try again. If you're feeling extra risky, take to the jumps for some sweet hang-time or flips.

5. Surf the Atlantic: What to learn how to surf? North Myrtle is the perfect place! The waves here are on the smaller side and are great for beginners, plus you can take lessons from local surfers with Kokopelli Surf Camp! If you are more experienced, come visit in late summer or early fall when the swells are bigger. There are swell charts available that avid surfer can check out to find their perfect wave. North Myrtle Beach is also a great spot for kite surfing for all levels!

6. Jet Skiing: Definitely one of the faster watersports offered in North Myrtle Beach. Jet Skis rentals are available for those visiting and want to try it and there are plenty of great local companies who rent Jet Skis in North Myrtle Beach. Additionally, these places offer jet ski tours and jet ski dolphin tours so you can make the most of your time on the water!

7. Fishing: A favorite past time and watersport of many and luckily North Myrtle Beach has an abundance of fishing holes for everyone at any level. Popular places include Cherry Grove Fishing Pier and the Apache Pier. Surf fishing, offshore, and deep-sea fishing are also very popular. Fishing charters can easily be planned to try your hand at catching large fish like Mahi-mahi, King Mackerel, Swordfish, and Tuna- all of which make for a delicious dinner!

From extreme watersports to a relaxing on the water, North Myrtle Beach has it all. Order your free Visitor’s Guide to learn more, and book your trip today!