It is important to familiarize yourself with the North Myrtle Beach rules and regulations before you arrive on your vacation. It helps you become more of an expert for your vacation and understand any questions you might be wondering. We're here to provide you with the latest information on tent regulations in North Myrtle Beach.

During the summer months, tents are restricted and against the beach rules. If you are looking to get some shade from Memorial Day to Labor Day, you will want to plan on using an umbrella. While tents are extremely convenient and great to have, they have become unsafe during the peak season. The peak season is an extremely busy time, and tents tend to block the visibility for lifeguards. However, if you are visiting during the off-season, tents are allowed on the beach.  The tent cannot be larger than 12x12 Feet Square, and it must be behind the umbrella line with at least 10 feet in between each tent being used.

If you are looking to enjoy some time out of the sun, we recommend bringing or renting an umbrella. The number one rule when it comes to having an umbrella at the beach is to ensure it is above the high-tide line, and it does not obstruct anyone's view.  Each umbrella must be within the size guidelines of 7.5 feet in diameter or less. Anyone who visits the beach and does not follow this rule will be given a fine.

It is important to remember these rules and regulations when hanging out in North Myrtle Beach. The main concern of the city is each person's safety and well-being. An umbrella is just the trick for getting out of the sun during those summer months!