From getting into shape to expanding your horizons, taking on a new hobby can reenergize anyone facing a cold-weather slump. Unless you already have something in mind, however, it can be difficult to decide which hobby will be best suited for you. Lucky for you, North Myrtle Beach offers a chance for you to explore some unique and exciting hobbies that are both fun and easy.

Looking for a way to impress your family and friends? Consider taking some Shag lessons at North Myrtle Beach. Known as the official South Carolina state dance, the Shag is a more casual, southern take on Swing dancing. You’ll find plenty of opportunities to test your skills and improve your moves at places like Fat Harold’s Beach Club, OD Lounge and Arcade and the Spanish Galleon, each of which are great nightlife destinations. You can also check out the experts at the annual National Shag Dance Championship, which is hosted in North Myrtle Beach every year.

If dancing isn’t your thing, consider taking up fishing instead. A more laid-back hobby, fishing is the perfect way to simply enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors. Plus, North Myrtle Beach boasts some of the best inshore, offshore, surf and deep-sea fishing around. Think you have what it takes to catch a prize fish? Grab a rod, some bait and just relax with one of the most popular pastimes around.

For the more adventurous individuals, surfing is always a fun, challenging hobby to get into. Universally loved by people of all ages, surfing is one of those time-honored traditions that is part of the quintessential beach-town lifestyles. From the first time you stand up on a wave to the hundredth, the exhilaration you get from surfing just never seems to get old. And whether you are a newbie or a veteran, North Myrtle Beach has plenty of ocean for you to play on.

If you prefer the great indoors, perhaps you’d prefer to learn how to taste wine. North Myrtle Beach is home to both La Belle Amie Vineyards and Duplin Winery, both of which offer tasting rooms with trained staff who can help you make the most of your sampling.  

The best part? These are just a small taste of the endless activities that await you when you visit North Myrtle Beach. We have plenty of opportunities for you to try something new or pick up a new favorite activity. All you have to do is visit